This Revolutionary System Deters Deer and Mosquitos

Learn how Canton & Novi, MI homeowners are using their sprinkler systems to apply deer and mosquito repellent

Oh, deer - your garden is in a sorry state. No need to take drastic pest control measures. Orion Maintenance & Installation, LLC can install a Mosquito Magician system that sprays deer repellent around your property. Bambi should stay out of your garden from now on.

Mosquito Magician is also designed to kill mosquitos without killing your lawn. By feeding natural mosquito repellent into your irrigation system, this system can...

Save you the trouble of hand-spraying mosquito repellent around your yard
Keep your yard looking beautiful year-round
Help you enjoy a pest-free yard all summer

It's the 21st century - it's time to go high-tech with your pest control. It comes with an easy to use remote and an app for your phone is soon to be released! Ask us to install a Mosquito Magician system at your home in the Canton & Novi, MI area.

Mosquito Magician can apply natural fertilizer to your lawn. Think of all the time and effort you'll save by letting your irrigation system do the work for you. It is installed in the ground and connects to your sprinkler system. It's a self-sustaining system that will change the way you spend your time outdoors.

We're a Canton, MI-based irrigation company and an independent dealer of Mosquito Magician systems. Schedule sprinkler services today.