Hydrawise System Information

Try Our Automatic Irrigation System in Canton, Novi, Plymouth, Northville, MI or Surrounding Areas

Save Money on your Water Bill

Are you looking for a high-tech way to make sure your lawn gets just the right amount of water? Look no further than Hydrawise by Hunter Industries. This system automatically controls your sprinklers based on highly accurate, internet-sourced local weather data. It even adjusts watering based on the season to ensure that your lawn isn't under or overwatered.

The Hydrawise system conserves water, not only helping the environment but saving you money on your water bill as well. You will see a return on your investment within a year.

Orion Maintenance & Installation, LLC in Canton, Novi, Plymouth & Northville, MI can set up your Hydrawise system. Contact us now to learn more about this innovative irrigation system technology.

Water your lawn from across the road or across the world

With the Hydrawise system, everything you need to water your lawn is in the palm of your hand - on your smartphone. Remote access means you can view, manage and monitor your irrigation system from wherever you are. Choose your own weather stations for the most accurate data.

Take the guesswork out of watering your lawn. Get a new, cutting-edge irrigation system for your home in Canton, Novi, Plymouth, Northville, MI or surrounding areas today.