Landscape Lighting

Illuminate Your Landscape in Canton, Novi, MI and Surrounding Areas

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Take your landscape to the next level by installing beautiful lighting features. Orion Maintenance & Installation, LLC provides top-notch landscape lighting installation services for homeowners in Canton, MI and surrounding areas. We install low-voltage LED lighting features that will fit any style or design preference. Don't worry about wind or rain- our landscape lighting is capable of withstanding the elements.

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Highlight your landscape's best features

Porch Lighting Installation & More

New landscape lighting will make it easier to use your outdoor living space at night, and it will improve the appearance of your property. No matter what kind of landscape lighting you want, we can install it. Reach out to us if you need...

  • Porch lighting installation services
  • Path lighting installation services
  • Bistro lighting installation services
  • Wash lighting installation services

We can also install uplighting. If you need path, bistro or porch lighting installation services, make an appointment with us today.

Orion installs superior landscape lighting in Canton, Novi, MI and surrounding areas.

Call us today to schedule your installation of FX Luminaire lighting.

FX Luminaire lighting is elegant and seamless and will brighten your landscape in more ways than one.

Just some of the benefits of installation FX Luminaire lighting are:

  • Rust free
  • No fading
  • No scratches



Area Lights

Transformers take your electricity and turn it to low voltage, saving you money in the long run.