Winterization Services in Canton, Novi, Plymouth & Northville, MI

Can Your Sprinkler Survive a Cold Snap?

Discover the importance of sprinkler winterization in Canton, Novi, Plymouth & Northville, MI

If you want your sprinkler system to be ready to go when spring rolls around, you'll need to take good care of it during the winter. When you request sprinkler winterization services in Canton, Novi, Plymouth & Northville, MI, Orion Maintenance & Installation, LLC will make sure your system can brave the cold.

Don't wait for the winter weather to ruin your sprinkler. Contact us now to take advantage of sprinkler winterization services.

Not sure sprinkler winterization is really necessary? If you forget to winterize your irrigation system before the temperatures drop, you might be:

  • Letting water freeze in the irrigation valves, pipes and sprinkler heads.
  • Allowing the frozen water to expand and break your sprinkler parts.
  • Costing yourself a small fortune in repairs or an entire system replacement.
Schedule winterization services in the Canton, Novi, Plymouth & Northville, MI area. Call 248-697-8285 today.

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